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The Friday Night Freak Show!

Each week we have a list of games that we play with the listeners.  Prizes for the games vary depending on what we have available for give-aways.  Here are some of the games:
(These rules are subject to change depending on the mood of Diamond Dave & J.R. and how nice you are/aren't to us!)


 Every week, Dave goes to a local grocery store and looks at the retail prices of five common items (no coupon prices, no super-saver discounts).  He will give you an item's specifics (size, weight, etc.) and an incorrect price.  You must decide if the actual retail price is higher or lower.  Get three out of five right, and you're a winner!


  Ahh, the sweet Booty Call... simple but effective!  Each week we will give clues to a famous person with a Booty worthy of notice (either good OR bad).  You be the first one to make the Booty call and correctly identify our mystery person, and you're a winner!


  This is the simplest game to play.  We ask a question.  You call if you know the answer (or have an EDUCATED guess).  If you get through with the correct answer, you're a winner!  Like an example?  Here you go...

(From the 12/31/04 show) "Since January starts tomorrow, what's January's birthstone?"  Click here for the answer.  (The answer will open in a new window.)


The granddaddy of Friday Night Freak Show games.  This is the most organized game that we have played for the longest amount of time, and it continues to be the favorite of the listeners.  It's played just like the other "Millionaire" game, except we don't ask as many questions and you can't win as much money!
We ask you three multiple choice questions.  If you get the first one right, you win $1.  Get the second one right, and you're up to $5.  Get the third question right and you win $9.60!  (Get it, Y-96... $9.60?!?  Hey, we gotta make a livin' too.)  The questions start out easy and get gradually harder.  Along the way you have two lifelines to help you out:  #1) 50/50 - when we take away two of the wrong answers and leave you with a wrong answer and a right answer, and #2) Ask J.R.'s Mom - where we call up J.R.'s mom, read her the question and ask her if she knows the answer.  If you're stumped or not particularly adventurous, you can stop any time and keep the money you've won.  If you answer incorrectly, you lose all your money.

**Notes** YES, that really is J.R.'s mom that we call each week and ask for help.  NO, she doesn't know the questions or the answers ahead of time.  She finds out the answers when you do.  YES, that really is Diamond Dave's $9.60 that he puts up for the prize each week.  It comes out of his pocket, and NO the station does not reimburse him for that.

Think you could do better than the contestants?!?  Take a look here at the questions that we asked each week, and don't peek at the answers until you have read all three questions!