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The Friday Night Freak Show!

Each week we play a variety of games (depending on the mood we're in!).  Here is a list of our recent contestants, and the result of their game:

Grocery Game - Barbara Braswell/Wrightsville - Lost!
Who Wants To Be A $10-aire... Almost? - Benjamin Judd/Dublin (8 years old!) - Won $9.60!
Booty Call - Sherry Walters/Sandersville - Won two tickets to Cowboy Bills in Milledgeville.
Random Trivia - Carolyn Ivey/Dublin - Won two tickets to Cowboy Bills in Milledgeville.  (Question: This state is bordered by more states than any other, a total of 8.  Answer:  Tennessee.)
Random Trivia - Christy Wilson/Adrian - Won four tickets to Fish-a-Rama in Perry.  (Question:  The largest shark ever caught on a rod was a little less than how many feet?  Answer:  17.)
Random Trivia - Penny Kemp/Dublin - Won two tickets to GIWA February Fallout in Dublin.  (Question:  Where in Dublin will the GIWA February Fallout be held?  Answer:  Dublin Ag Center.)


Grocery Game - Jody Stewart/Dublin - Won $10 gift certificate to Ocean Galley Seafood in the Walmart Plaza, Dublin.
Who Wants To Be A $10-aire... Almost? - Ronnie Mullis/Dexter - Won $9.60!
Booty Call - Nicole Robinson/Sandersville - Won Triple H T-shirt.


Grocery Game - Chondra Beal/Riddleville - Won 6 pack of Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper & a Triple H t-shirt.
Who Wants To Be A $10-aire... Almost? - Julie Oliver/Metter - Lost on 3rd question
Booty Call - Danielle Anderson/Sandersville - Noon Buffet from Old Times Country Buffet.

Grocery Game - Angie Kitchens/Wrightsville - Won Teddy Scares & Landslide game.
Booty Call - Shannon Bailey/Dublin - Won Large pizza
Random Trivia - Joseph Myers/East Dublin - Won 150 lb. hog (!!)