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Current Favorites
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These are things that are my current favorites associated with my palmOne Zire 72:
  • RhinoSkin Case - The first purchase I made for my Zire 72 was a RhinoSkin aircraft-grade aluminum case.  This is the first RhinoSkin case I've had, and it's definitely the best case I've ever had for any of my PDAs.  First of all it's *tough*.  It's not like the palmOne hard case that I had for my Tungsten T, which was basically a plastic case with a small layer of metal covering.  The palmOne hard case felt plastic and sometimes flimsy.  If I dropped the T|T, it would frequently pop out of the case.  Not so with the RhinoSkin case.  The RhinoSkin case feels solid and it snaps tight when it closes.  It also has cutouts for access to everything on the Zire 72.  It has a cutout on the bottom so that you can charge or HotSync without taking the Zire 72 out of the case.  It has a cutout on the side so that you have access to the voice recorder button.  Lastly, the top is open, so you have access to he SD card slot, the power button, the headphone port, and the stylus.  As a nice touch, the lid has a lip that covers the top of the Zire 72 when the lid is closed.  This means that if the lid is snapped shut and you drop it, the Zire 72 won't pop out the top of the case.  The RhinoSkin case is the perfect companion to trust with your Zire 72 (or any other model you might have).  Did I mention it's *TOUGH*?!?
  • WordBoXtreme by Twin Feats - This is one of my all-time favorite games.  It's similar to Boggle in that you are presented with a square of letters, and you have to make words from the letters (make sure the letters touch one another!).  There is an older freeware version of this game just called WordBox that you can get at the website, but I'm not sure if it works on all of the new OS5 machines.  I would recommend the Xtreme version over the freeware version anyway, if for no other reason than the "Rotate" feature which rotates the box 45 degrees.  You'd be surprised how many words you suddenly see!
  • Sunrise/Plucker - For those of you who don't know what Plucker is, it allows you to take the web with you in your PalmOS PDA!  Sunrise is the desktop program that plucks & converts the web pages.  Plucker Viewer is the program on your PDA that reads the files.
  • VersaMail - I am downloading my important e-mail into VersaMail through the Bluetooth connection with my computer!

More to come.... !