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A BIG thank you to Mr. Narvel Felts for coming on the show on Saturday 4/15!  If you would like to visit Mr. Felts' website it is:
If you are interested in ordering some of the music that you see on his website, you can call:
Norma Williams - (573)396-5816

Every Saturday night from 6 p.m.
to Midnight on WQZY-FM 95.9 Dublin, Georgia, you will find the Classic Country Jukebox with "Diamond" Dave Newman & Aaron Rogers!

On our show we play some of the greatest country music of all time.  Join us for six hours of the greatest music from the roots of country!

Click any of the links to the left to find out more about the Classic Country Jukebox!

**NOTE** Most of the website is currently under construction, so check back often.