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Remember, all songs must be at least 10 years old or older to be played on the Classic Country Jukebox.

If you would like to make a request, you can do so by calling us on Saturday night on the request lines.  The phone numbers are:

*96 (a free call on your Alltel phone)

But the easiest way to get a request to us is by sending us an e-mail.  Remember, those who e-mail us get priority ahead of the phone callers, and you don't have to wait until Saturday night to e-mail a request!  You can send that anytime during the week, and we will put it on the list to play the next Saturday night.  You can send e-mail requests to:

We try to play every request on Saturday nights, but time restraints and/or the lack of the song in our files will prevent your song from getting played.  If you know a good classic country song that we don't have, you can suggest that we add it to our catalogue by sending an e-mail here: