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The Friday Night Freak Show!

Here are the questions for the $10-aire game each week.  Don't peek at the answers until you've decided on your answer for all three questions!


1. On rural stretches of Georgia interstate, the speed limit is 70 mph.  What is the minimum speed?
A. 30 mph
B. 35 mph
C. 40 mph
D. 45 mph
2. In a standard deck of cards, which king is the suicide king, sticking a sword through his head?
A. Hearts
B. Diamonds
C. Clubs
D. Spades
3. If you could drive to the sun at 55 mph, how long would it take?
A. 19.3 years
B. 193 years
C. 1,930 years
D. 19, 300 years


1. What is Elvis's middle name?
A. James
B. Bocephus
C. Aron
D. Guffaw
2. What is the largest internal organ?
A. Liver
B. Heart
C. Pancreas
D. Gall Bladder
3. How many ways are there to make change for a dollar?
A. 93
B. 193
C. 293
D. 393


1. Who is the spokesman Subway who has lost all the weight?
A. Jared
B. Jackie
C. Johnny
D. Jeffrey
2. A racehorse that has never won a race is called a what?
A. Philly
B. Cricket
C. Maiden
D. Guffaw
3. Which one of the following astronauts was NOT on Apollo 11 which landed on the moon?
A. Neil Armstrong
B. Charles Conrad
C. Michael Collins
D. Edwin Aldrin